E.coli dies. HELP!!!!!

P.R. Alefounder mbpra at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Fri Jun 14 12:51:33 EST 1996

In article <4p6kki$a7t at oravannahka.Helsinki.FI>, kstenber at cc.Helsinki.FI (Kaj Stenberg) writes:
|> - all plasmids grown in small volume -> western. No growth problem,
|> - All flasks (4) die simultaneously. Pre-ymp 150ml grown, 25ml into each
|> flask (OD<0.1). OD in production flasks rise to 0.6, then down to zero.
|> Obviously medium, temperature, shaking, light, pH, and so on are always
|> identical.

Not quite. The flask size, and hence aeration, will be different.

|> -second idea was phage. I do not think so

I do think so. I have had a similar problem with BL21 - but lysing 
on induction, rather than just before. I think conditions were such 
as to cause a SOS response, which sent a prophage into its lytic 
cycle. The cure: grow the culture in smaller volumes.

Peter Alefounder                                   pra1 at essex.ac.uk

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