sequencing gel won't stick to Whatman paper

Amy Fluet afluet at
Fri Jun 14 11:07:08 EST 1996

I don't fix my sequencing gels either, and generally don't have a problem 
getting them to stick to the whatman paper.  Before I pour the gel, I 
give both plates a light coating with Sigmacote, followed by a good scrub 
with EtOH.  After the gel has run, I pry the plates apart and lay the 
Whatman's on top of the gel, pressing firmly to get it to stick.  I then 
flip the whole gel 'sandwich over so the Whatmans is on the bench with 
the gel and finally the plate, above it.  I then slide the sandwich 
towards me, letting the paper (and the gel) fall away from the plate as 
they come off the edge of the bench (hope this is clear).  I find going 
slowly and letting gravity pull the gel down does the trick.
I hope this helps.

Amy Fluet

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