Re-use of electroporator cuvettes

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Fri Jun 14 08:19:18 EST 1996

hatzfeld at (Yves HATZFELD) writes:


>I usually rince my cuvettes during 1 min in normal water (wich in
>France contains chloride, and so will destroy DNA and bacteria), then
>with deionized H2O,then dry and sterilize them. The cuvettes can be
>reused several times (more than 10 I think), and I never had any

>Hope this helps,

I've used this method in the past, but did get contamination.  I started
rinsing the cuvettes in HCl (either 0.1M or 0.5M, can't remember off-hand),
and then washing with deionised water.  Store the cuvettes in ethanol until
you need to use them and there should be no problems.  Using this method I  
reused cuvettes quite literally until they fell apart, and my transformations 
were always okay!


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