Freeze and Squeeze

Christoph Grunau cgrunau at
Fri Jun 14 03:33:46 EST 1996

In article <4p9vqk$gu1 at>, ayezersk at (Ann M.
Yezerski) wrote:

> Does anyone have the standard protocol for "Freeze and Squeeze" to remove 
> DNA from an agarose gel?  If so, e-mail me at ayezersk at  
> Thanks in advance!
> Ann Yezerski

* Buy "amicon micropure separators" or ask amicon for a free sample
* cut out the band of interest
* put it into the separator tube
* centrifuge at max. speed for 10 min
* for ligation PhOH/CHCl3 extract and precipitate, for sequencing use directly

(The principle is the same as described in the other postings i.e. tube
with hole in the tip. But the amicon works more efficient.)

Good luck - Christoph

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