Semi-dry blotter recommendations

Catherine I. DiOrio at
Fri Jun 14 12:30:21 EST 1996

I have personally used the LKB Pharmacia and ISS carbon electrode 
blotters, and the BioRad metal electrode blotters.  The carbon 
electrode blotters become pitted with use over time, easily scratched, 
and are, in general, just plain messy.  My lab has been using the 
BioRad blotter for nearly two years now, without need for 
replacement electrodes.  We have also had improved transfers with a 
three buffer system sold by ISS/ Enprotech.  The buffers are premade, 
and only need to be diluted with water and methanol.  We routinely 
transfer a minigel in 30 minutes, with no protein left in the gel.  

Cathy DiOrio
Pfizer Central Research

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