Can I pre-stain Prot markers for W. Blot?

D. KIM dkim at
Fri Jun 14 23:20:12 EST 1996

In article <whoever-1306961429590001 at> whoever at (Dave) writes:
>I mistakenly purchased non-stained protein markers from Fisher for use in
>Western blots.  Is there any way I can pre-stain them myself, and still
>get good transfer to a nitrocellulose membrane?
>         Dave.

I routinely use unstained markers for my Westerns.  I transfer and then 
stain with Ponceau S stain (Procedure is in THE RED BOOK).  I then mark 
the bands with a pencil and destain (with water).  Following this, I 
block and proceed as usual.  This stain is very simple to apply and comes 
off completely in a few minutes.

Daniel Kim
dkim at

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