MJR cyclers

christopher chow mcblab25 at LEONIS.NUS.SG
Sun Jun 16 20:21:34 EST 1996

Just wanted to clarify that I never had any problems with the MJ PTC-100 
either, nor has anyone I know who used it for years. I guess I should 
have stuck with that model but I naively believed the MJ sales pitch 
that the PTC-200 was a new imrpoved version when I was getting a cycler 
for the lab! It's the PTC-200 that's giving major headaches. After many 
complaints I finally received an apology from MJ as well as an admission 
that there have been some problems, however they have yet to solve my 
problems satisfactorily. The latest problem is that of drift--after a 
few weeks of use, each alpha block I've had tends to drift in that a 
reaction set to anneal at 65C for 30 sec actually sits anywhere from 
63-65 during this time, and the temp varies from cycle to cycle. I now 
know of at least 3 other users from other labs that have encountered 
this same problem.

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