cDNA sequence differences

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> My questions are:
>  1. Is it possible that the Stratagene cDNA library is not human origin ?
You have to check with Stratagene.
>  2. Did anyone has a similar experience ?
>  3. How reliable are the commercial cDNA libraries (in terms of
>     their source) ? For an example, I have heard a laboratory has
>     isolated a bacterial gene from a human cDNA library.
If the source was contaminated with mRNA/DNA from other origins, it's possible 
to have this result.  For example, if the tRNA used for cDNA ppt contains 
yeast DNA, you might be able to get yeast clone, and it really happened 
before in another bio-company.
>  4. How different should I expect to see when comparing cDNA sequences
>     of a housekeeping enzyme derived from two different individuals
>     (of two different races) ?
If your cDNA comes from another organism, you should be able to find it by 
homology comparison.  I do not understand the "race" you asked.

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