Q.?? Are there culture dishes with grid lines for counting cells?????HELP

Bernard Murray bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov
Sun Jun 16 13:41:29 EST 1996

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>I am trying to quantitate numbers of cells that pick up beta-gal in 
>a transfection experiment.
>Does anyone know of a company that cells petri dishes with gridlines
>If not, how the hell are people counting there cells?

Just get yourself an eyepiece graticule for your microscope and pop it
in (usually very easy).  This will divide your field of view into a
series of squares.  If you need to know the actual area of the squares
(which will vary depending on the objective you are using) you can
calibrate it by reference to either a dedicated ruled slide or
(if cash is a problem) by looking at a haemacytometer slide (which is
precision ruled anyway).  The only disadvantage compared to a ruled
culture dish is that the squares don't move with the dish but you soon
get good at picking a point of reference before shifting things.
Some microscopes have this graticule facility built in (just wiggle one
of the levers near the eyepiece).
	Another possibility for a quick'n'dirty result is a Chalkey (sp?)
point graticule which has a series of random dots on it.  You just count
the number of dots that fall on blue cells to guesstimate the transfection
	I hope that this helps,

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