Fast purification of protein from DNA

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at
Mon Jun 17 08:13:13 EST 1996

If you don't need the protein functional (i.e. for electrophoresis, 
immunization, sequencing ect), you may try phenol extraction. Proteins 
partition into the phenol phase, while DNA and RNA stay in the aquous 
phase. Proteins can be recovered from the phenol by extraction with 
ether, they remain in the little drop of water, which was soluble in 
phenol, but not ether. There was a publication on this about 2 years ago 
in Anal. Biochem. Just remember to use buffered phenol, as DNA and RNA 
will partition into the phenol otherwise. Buffered Phenol can be bought 
ready made from molecular biology suppliers or made acording to a 
recepy in Maniatis. 

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