Dot-blot automation

John Brennand john.brennand at
Mon Jun 17 08:55:57 EST 1996


A few ramblings on this topic.

Yes things have moved on significantly over the last few years - it 
depends how sophisticated you want to be and how much you are 
prepared to spend.

Companies like Synteni can dot blot 20,000 spots on an array about 1 
cm square - using high density arraying equipment (see Science, vol 
270, p467, & references therein)  but this will be expensive.

Conventional robots eg Tecan, can spot small volumes 1-5 ul in 
arrays corresponding to the 96 well format ( or 384 well format)

Cheaper plate washers can be adapted to this end - possibly coupled 
to filter plates - 96 well plates with a "peel off" membrane of your 
choice.  We've not used these but in theory you could spot, 
hybridise, wash, etc all in the well then peel it off and quantitate 
on a Top Counter, or put against film.

Disposable plastic 96 (and 384) replicators are available that can 
be used in a dip & spot approach although these are clearly less 
accurate but very cheap.

So - you pay your money and take your choice.  I think you need to 
discuss your specific needs with the reps of the companies that 
supply this sort of equipment.

Hope this helps


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