In vitro transcription kits & other RNA reagents

Donald Chun Kit Wong dcwong at
Tue Jun 18 01:48:00 EST 1996

We are going to begin to do some in situ hybridization in our lab and 
need to ask for some advice.

We are going to do in vitro transcription to make RNA probes from cDNA 
inserted in plasmid. We have seen several kits from companies, eg. 
Stratagene, Ambion, Boehringer Mannheim, etc. Has anyone found whether 
one is better than the others?

We have also seen other RNA products, eg. RNaseZap, dip sticks to detect 
RNase in solutions, etc. and in situ hybridization kits. Is there any of 
these that are useful or recommended to be used?

Any other suggestions / tips will be appreciated.

Donald Wong
Pathology, Univ. of B.C.
Vancouver, Canada

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