Cheap wheat germ lysate?

Amie Franklin amief
Mon Jun 17 22:18:01 EST 1996


You can make your own wheat germ extract following the Blobel protocol from vol
96 Methods of Enzymology (I think or refs therein). Essentially, after the
preparation (solution making and glassware baking) its one day of serious work
(its helpful if two people do it) plus some test in vitro translations to check
the quality. However, what may be difficult is finding a good source of fresh
wheat germ. If you call the flour mills you might be able to have them save you
10 lb (for free!) if you are nice. Though you have to invest money into a good
size chromatography column, g-25 sephadex (reusable for the next batch) plus
your time, we have observed better translations with the homemade extract than
bought extracts. Just a thought.

good luck,

amief at

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