Gibco BRL "Genetrapper" screening method

jon boyson at
Mon Jun 17 21:55:38 EST 1996

We used GeneTrapper to screen a plasmid cDNA library in just a few 
days. The kit's expense was well worth it. We weren't screening for 
a rare cDNA, but did get somewhat of an enrichment...every clone 
I've screened (100) has been our cDNA of interest. You get enough 
reagents for four or five tries (I think) and some of the limiting 
reagents like strepdavidin -coated beads can be bought elsewhere-- 
Gibco doesn't sell any reagents separately. 

I should also say, however, that we did have trouble screening a 
library constructed in lambda Zap II, and eventually resorted to 
screening the plasmid cDNA library. There isn't much room for 
tweaking their system. The hybridization solution, for instance, is 
proprietary so you don't even know under what conditions you're 
annealing your probe. So, if you do have problems, there's not much 
you can do about it. 

Gibco's web page has a lot of information on the kit, or if you need 
more info, drop me a line.
boyson at

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