Brain Nuclear Extracts

Marcel Hoffmann hoffmann at
Tue Jun 18 13:58:33 EST 1996

Sandra Pena De Ortiz wrote:
> Hi:
> Does anyone have a good protocol for preparation of nuclear extracts for
> gel shift assays?  Will really appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance.
> Sandra Pena de Ortiz, Ph.D.

Dear Sandra,

Good nuclear extracts for gel shifts assay's and in vitro 
transcriptions can be prepared according to the papers from 
Graves et al. Cell 44:565-576 1986 and Gorski et al. Cell 
47:767-776 1986.
I had good results with liver as well as spleen nuclear 
extracts prepared by this method.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Marcel Hoffmann
Dept. of Pharmacochemistry
Vrije Universiteit

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