slicing acrylamide gels

Guido Hooiveld g.j.e.j.hooiveld at
Tue Jun 18 10:50:53 EST 1996


The situation is this:
After labeling proteins with a radioactive photolabile probe, I seperate 
those proteins on a 7.5% gel (12x18cm, SDS-PAGE). But hereafter, I would 
like to cut my acrylamide gel in thin slices of about 2mm, because in this 
way I can identify the molecular weights of possible labeled proteins.

Does anybody know a nice gentle and especially reproducible way to cut a gel 
in pieces, or, does anybody know which companies sell holders for razor 
blades, designed for this purpose??

Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated.
Please post here or send an e-mail directly to:
g.j.e.j.hooiveld at

Thanks in advance!

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