RNA extraction with 5.2S Band

lcwilliams at MEDUSA.UNM.EDU lcwilliams at MEDUSA.UNM.EDU
Tue Jun 18 11:35:30 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues:
	I have been isolating some RNA from human tissue.  When I run
this RNA out on a gel, I get three ribosomal bands.  The third band
is a 5.2S band.  This band occurs only in some of the samples.  Does 
anyone know why the band does occurs in some samples and not in others?
When you see a 5.2S band does that tell you something about the tissue or
is it a result of the isolation technique?  Any help to figure out this
puzzle will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Laurie Williams
University of New Mexico

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