A.S. Sohal u9310871 at MUSS.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Tue Jun 18 10:39:34 EST 1996

Hi! This is the guy who has been having problems with the MORPH 
mutagenesis kit and the Stratagene Chameleon kit again.  I've been able 
to mini-prep my plasmid from the mut S bacteria for some unknown reason.  
However, a new concern that has risen is that the efficiency of the 
mutation is very low.  Theoretically, one would expect approximately 50% 
mutants.  However, in my case, I got approximately 5 mutants out of 24 
clones and of those, 4 produced some very strange results upon digestion 
(The mutation was to create a new unique restriction endonuclease site).  
Therefore, my efficiency was really only 1 out of 24 which is not 
acceptable according to my supervisor.  Any helpful comments would be 
greatly appreciated.


Avtar Sohal

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