Steven Goldberg goldberg at bms.com
Tue Jun 18 08:22:44 EST 1996

In article <kligon-170696115853 at bmb044.mda.uth.tmc.edu>,
kligon at odin.mdacc.tmc.edu (Keith L. Ligon) wrote:

> Anyone out there have any suggestions for mutagenesis using the Stratagene
> QuikChange kit?
> I get no transformants probably because my Pfu amplification is not
> producing any product, but any help would be appreciated.
> -- 
> KLigon
> UTMDAnderson Cancer Center
> HoustonTexas
> kligon at odin.mdacc.tmc.edu

Kligon: I have been having the same experience as you...I'm getting maybe
10 transformants and these appear to be leftover parental plasmid DNA. 
Has anyone else had a similar problem and how did you solve it?


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