repetitive dna

Chris Boyd chrisb at
Wed Jun 12 11:11:10 EST 1996

Hans Dauwerse (dauw at wrote:
: You could try strains as DH10b or DH5alphamcrSBCc, which...
                [I assume you mean  DH5alphamcrBC (Gibco Cat no. 18307-017)]

: ... should propagate plasmids with instable inserts.

No. These strains are likely to be no better than any other recA-
strains for tandem repeat instability, and certainly no better than

: Maybe yuo 
: could consider to use a low copy plasmid.

A better idea, but still not _certain_ to resolve tandem repeat
instability.  I don't know of _any_ strain where this problem has been
fully eradicated.  There will always be sequences that cannot be cloned
stably in E. coli.  It's a corollary of Godel's Theorem.

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