Restriction fragment mapping

Blanca Lupiani lupiani at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Tue Jun 18 15:13:05 EST 1996

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, J. Pat Martinez wrote:

> I need to generate a restriction enzyme map of a 50 Kb DNA fragment.  Is
> there a computer program available that will generate a restriction enzyme
> map of your favorite DNA fragment?  One where you enter the sizes of
> single and double digests of an unknown DNA sample and the program
> provides the most likely restriction map to explain the data.  Macintosh
> Share ware preferred, but PC programs will suffice.
> Pat M.
Hi Pat,
There is a program called Double Digester it is freeware and is 
available for Macintosh. You can download it from
Good luck

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