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Wed Jun 19 22:51:41 EST 1996

The Turner Designs Model 20 has been recommended by Promega for several
years.  They have a monograph comparing several different luminomters.

A new model TD20/20 is now available.  The main difference between the TD20
and all other luminometers is its sample chamber-- it will take plastic and
glass sample tubes and flatbottom vials and even single small cultrure plates
 which gives it great versatility for liquid and solid or layered samples.
 According to the Promega monograph, it may even be more senstive that some
of the other instruments.

You can probably arrange a demo through Promega or Turner Designs:
email: mfeld at (Pam Mayerfeld)

May all your assays have a pleasant glow!

Walt Schick
Bio-Sep Co.  Biotech Sales & Marketing Consuslting
California the Sunshine State

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