Kodak CD40

Alexander Kraev kraev at bc.biol.ethz.ch
Wed Jun 19 13:03:08 EST 1996

the problem with cheap (uh!) digital cameras is that they don't have
a real macro function ( to shoot gels you will need that) or their
macro setting is a nasty compromise in image quality. After considering
several likes of this Kodak we bought Minolta RD-175 with a macro lens.
Within an A4 page the quality is really hard to tell from a fast film. 
This camera is not as cheap as the bottom line models, but it is also 
far from being the most expensive. If two or three labs
can join their money, this is really a good buy ( no connection to
Minolta, apart from being a hobby photographer with an AF Minolta).
And, yes, you do need a good printer...

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