pcr cycle

Heinz-Juergen Schaefers mfm434 at rzmail.uni-erlangen.de
Wed Jun 19 15:59:42 EST 1996

> > I do not understand which reason is   95 C for 5 minutes for first
> >cycle  and 72 C for 10 minutes for last cycle
> >Does any paper explain that ? Or somebody can explain that ? Thank a lot
> >
> >Shi-Jye Chu

Hi Shi-Jye Chu!

The 95 C for the first cycle is to have totaly single stranded DNA...
the 72 C for the last cycle is to allow the Taq polimerase to complete the work
on the actual strand...
both is to be on the secure side....the times may be shortened to 2 minutes for
the first 95 C step and to 7 minutes for the last 72 C step...

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