DNA/RNA dipsticks

Robert Chandler rchandle at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Wed Jun 19 12:09:14 EST 1996

In article <9605188351.AA835113251 at uu1500.epitope.com>,
jkellogg at epitope.com ("Jill Kellogg") wrote:

> >From Cisca:
> >I am trying to find out what company makes DNA/RNA Dipsticks. I remember
> >seeing an advert. on these strips of `paper' which you can load DNA/RNA onto
> >the paper then (I think) has a colour change or something that indicates the 
> >amount of DNA/RNA present in ug. Unfortunately I can't remember who makes
> >them. I'd love to hear from anyone that can help. Thanks Cisca.
>     Invitrogen (1-800-955-6288) makes DNA Dipstick.

They are indeed made by Invitrogen. I tried them when they came out
(circa. 1989, I think) and they were essentially worthless. They may be
better now, but I wouldn't rely too heavily on their accuracy if I were
you.BTW, I actually did a whole series of dilutions against known RNA and
DNA standards to reach this conclusion. Expensive, too.


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