epitope tagging in plants

Wed Jun 19 09:56:41 EST 1996

I'm a post-doc at the Univ. of Florida interested in 
immunocytolocalization of a protein in tomato; I am not testing 
functional analysis of the protein (this is being studied in a 
collaborator's lab).  First, I have a general question for plant 
molecular biologists:  Has any lab tried (succesfully or unsuccessfully) 
expressing and localizing protein(s) which contain an epitope tag in 
transgenic plants?  I know of one success using the c-myc tag that was 
published in The Plant Cell, but I also know from newsgroup surfing that 
epitope tagging via c-myc in plants has met with many problems.  I am 
particularly interested in the specific tags people have tried 
(eukaryotic and prokaryotic), which leads me to my second question:  I 
have in hand the T7 gene 10 tag (from Novagen) and am debating if I 
should try this epitope tag with no a priori knowledge of whether it has 
potential for working (someone has to stick their neck out...); has 
anyone tried immunocytolocalization via the T7 epitope tag in plants?  
Novagen knew of no lab that had.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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