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> Hi everyone!
> I'm currently a gene cloned in pcDNA2 as a probe for Northerns. I
> would like to shorten my probe so I need the vector's sequence to draw
> my restriction map... Anyone have that sequence? I can't seem to find
> it anywhere (not even in GenBank or Invitrogen's www page...). Any
> help finding it would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks a lot!
> Jean-Francois Larrivee,
> Ph.D. Student in Molecular Pharmacology
> Centre de Recherche de l'Hotel-Dieu de Quebec
> Universite Laval
> email : jfl at rsvs.ulaval.ca
>         jfl at zone.ca

The sequence for pcDNA2.1 is at Invitrogens web site at:


2.1 is slightly different from 2.0, in that it does not have the SP6
sequence (due to some legal problems with Promega), and may have one or
two more restriction sites.  Invitrogen can give you exact details on how
it is different (it is minor), but they will not give you the sequence to
2.0 for the aformentioned reasons.  You might want to find someone who has
the manual, it is a fairly common vector (sorry, I don't).  Good luck

Darren Boehning
Thomas Jefferson University
Department of Anatomy, Pathology and Cell Biology
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