I need some advice on bandshift assays

Lynne_M_Donegan Lynne_M_Donegan at sbphrd.com
Wed Jun 19 11:19:18 EST 1996

Andre Nantel wrote:
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> tmagee at earthlink.net (Tom Magee) writes:
> > Hi, I've been running standard band shift assays that are OK but not
> > great.  I get large oval shaped  bands rather than sharp bands. I run a 20
> > ul rxn.  Any suggestions as to getting sharp well defined bands?  Any
> > foolproof protocols out there?  Thanks, Tom
> You may also try to run your gels in a cold room. Helps a lot on
> quality.

Yer - runnung gels in a cold room helps.  Also, if you are using 1mm 
thick gels, you may want to consider changing to 2mm thick gels.  I found 
that helped a lot.

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