Intensifying screens

Chi-kuang Wen ckwen at
Wed Jun 19 10:23:13 EST 1996

Laurence Tiley (lst21 at wrote:
: Paul has it right.
: Keeping the gel at -70 is necessary if you use preflashing, and for some of 
: the fluors to work efficiently.

Just a follow up:

Keeping the film at -70C is to keep the e- at very low energy orbit, and
the perception of radiation may excite the low-energy e- to a higher energy
orbit.  Following a back from higher-energy to low-energy orbit exchange, acc-
ording to E=Hv, light is emitted onto the film.  At higher temperature, RT, the
e- is at higher energy orbit and much less excited light may be generated.

It is right that the S-35 does not need the intensifying screens. Please refer
to Manitas for more information.


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