Solubilizing bisacrylamide-crosslinked polyacrylamide gels

Mike Perry Mike.Perry at
Thu Jun 20 10:50:39 EST 1996

I'm chopping up a polyacrylamide (10:2.5) gel containing 35S labelled 
samples to count in a scint counter.  Now Hames and Rickwood (practical 
approach guide) reckon it's best to solubilize in 30% H2O2 at 50 deg C. 
then either add Amersham's solubilizer + toluene scint fluid or use a 1:2 
solution of Triton X-100 and toluene.
What I'm wondering is whether I can get away with simply solubilizing in 
H2O2 and then adding my standard aqueous scint (Packard "Emulsifier Safe" 
and LSC cocktail).  Anyone got any ideas?




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