protein elution

Soeren G. Gatermann gaterman at
Thu Jun 20 02:26:41 EST 1996

J Burger wrote:
> Dear Netters
> I have to elute protein bands from polyacrylamide gels.  We do not have
> an
> electro-eluter.  Does anyone know of a "home-made" system or have another
> method of eluting proteins from acrylamide gels?
> Thanks very much
> Johan Burger

Awhile ago I had a similar problem. I used the following method:
1. cut the  bands out of the gel;
2. cut these gel fragments into very small pieces;
3. put them into a siliconized glass tube;
4. fill with buffer (Tris [pH6.8], SDS 0.5%, ME 5mM, EDTA 2mM)
5. agitate vigorously for about 16h
6. remove supernatant and precipitate proteins (ethanol or acetone)

Good luck!

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