sequence of lambda YES and/or gt6

Jose Miguel Lopez Coronado jmlopez at
Thu Jun 20 07:59:45 EST 1996

logan at ENSAM.INRA.FR (Helen Logan) wrote:

>can anyone help me obtain the sequence of lambda YES
> or lambda gt6 as I have been unable to find either
> using Genbank or ENTREZ searches. I have also tried
> the Clontech pages as they used to sell the Lambda
> YES vector, but they (and Genbank) only have the 
>sequence for the plasmid derivative. Thanks in advance 
>for any help.
>Helen Logan
>logan at

I've got the same problem than you. Could you please send me the
information when you had recived it?

Thanks in advance.

José Miguel López Coronado.
jmlopez at

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