protein/peptide elution from nitrocellulose/PVDF

Dennis Takayesu takayesu at
Thu Jun 20 07:58:55 EST 1996

I've been transferring proteins to nitrocellulose and PVDF from SDS-Page
gels, excising the protein bands and digesting the proteins with
trypsin,cyanogen bromide, etc. I want to make certain that I'm getting
most of the resulting peptides off of the membrane. The protein has
palmitate and myristate attached co- and post-translationally, so some of
the resulting peptides from the digestion may be hard to remove from the
The resulting eluates are analyzed by reverse-phase HPLC. 

Does anyone have any protocols that address this situation i.e. removal of
proteins or peptides form nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes (especially
fatty acid modified species)?


Richard C. Marcellus
Dept. of Biochemistry
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
marcellus at

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