Michael Adamson s_mka1 at eduserv.its.unimelb.EDU.AU
Fri Jun 21 01:22:55 EST 1996

G'day all,

I'm wanting to perform ELISA's using DNA as the primary antigen.  A 
couple of the (very few) protocols I've come across pre-coat the wells 
with protamine sulfate.  I assume this is to enhance binding of the DNA 
to the wells, but I've been able to find any other references to this use 
of protamine sulfate.  Also, can I assume that digesteable DNA is of a 
purity that will give good results in an ELISA (ie. accessability to 
primary antibody)?  Does anyone have any experience or know of good 
references dealing with using DNA in ELISA's?


Michael Adamson

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