Question about gel shift assay

Heinz-Juergen Schaefers mfm434 at
Thu Jun 20 12:29:23 EST 1996

Philippe Lefebvre wrote:
> Using shorter probes will help but in our experience, this will not allow you to get
> rid of non spec binding.  You 'd better try to use different non spec DNA such as
> salmon sperm DNA, calf thymus or poly dIdC.  Results can be really strikingly different!                                   ^^^^^^^^^^
Poly dIdC is absolutely necessary to get rid of non spec binding.... 
I have accidently done it once without: => terrible!!!!! 
Use 2 micrograms max (more does'nt make any further effect!)

Probe lenght: i use normaly very short probes; up to 25 b for a single transcription factor

If you want a complete protocol that works fine, pls E-mail me...

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