formaldehyde gel for RNA

Phil Hardy hardy at
Wed Jun 19 16:58:09 EST 1996

zoowyw at (Wong Yong Wee) wrote:

>Dear netter,

>I'd tried to run my RNA sample on formaldehyde agarose as protocol on
>Molecular cloning by Sambrook several times, but I get smear bands for
>samples and marker and failed to get two distinct band for 28S and 18S as
>expected. I'd eliminated the possibility of RNase contamination. Is these
>caused by quality of formaldehyde or pH?  Can I have references for these

>Thanks in advance.  

Hi, Jason,

I have had similar smearings in the past and tracked down the problem
to incorrect sample preparation.  Once it was the constituents of the
sample prep buffer (a new batch fixed the smearing), and once I just
plain forgot to heat the samples to 65 degrees for 15 minutes prior to
Hope this helps you, and good luck in your RNA work.

Phrom Phil

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