thawing & plating cell lines

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What cells?

What were the freezing what media/temp long frozen?


cram at PIPELINE.COM wrote:
: Hello, 
:     my team and I are having trouble producing healthy-looking cell
: cultures at plating time.  We thaw quickly, spin to remove DMSO and then
: plate.  After one night, the cells are dividing slowly, and have a strange,
: small, sort of compact morphology.  Overall, they are half the size as they
: appear when healthy.  Only after another day or so do they have the nice
: flattened look to them, where you can see the cytoplasm and their nuclei
: are large, etc.  Then they grow to confluency, no problem. 
:     Could this be due to a low density at plating, perhaps too low?  Or is
: it more likely caused by our cryopreservation? 
:     Any input would be appreciated. 
:     Thank you in advance. 
: Marc Rothman 
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