staining of living cells

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Fri Jun 21 10:37:47 EST 1996

Dear Net-Users!

I would be grateful to everyone who can give me a hint or send me a 
protocol how to stain living and unfixed eucaryotic (lymphoid B-) cells for 
expression of beta-galactosidase (as a marker for a recombinant 
plasmid). The cells shall be used further for cloning of a cell line.
The staining protocol I used so far gave only a very faint blue 
colour and most of the transfected cells could not be detected by 
microscopy. (I used Bluogal from GIBCO; stock solution Bluogal in 20% 
DMF was diluted to a final concentration of 150  g/ml in the culture 
medium (RPMI 1640) and incubated at 37 C for up to 5 days. Does 
anyone know a better protocol?)

Thank you very much in anticipation!


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