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>	I am presently tryting to quantify total DNA content in a
>leukemia cell line that I am working with.  Hence I am looking for a
>reliable quantitative technique or DNA extraction protocol that I could
>use on these cells instead of with paraffin embedded tissue sections.
>Any suggestions or literature that I could be referred to would be
>greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!
>Lisa Miller
>Health Sciences Centre
>Memorial University of Newfoundland

Dear Lisa,

Here some references for DNA quantitation methods.

Hoechst 33258 method:
- Labarca C, Paigen K; Analytical Biochemistry, 102,344-352 1980
- Lipman J; Analytical Biochemistry, 176, 128-131 1989
- Kim Y-J et al; Analytical Biochemistry, 174,168-176 1988

Mithramycin fluoresence
- Groyer A, Robel P; Analytical Biochemistry, 106, 262-268 1980

 In our lab we only used the Hoechst 33258 method.

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