NaI solution in geneclean

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at
Wed Jun 19 09:35:39 EST 1996

> > Francois Coulier wrote:
> > >
> > > I got the same problem [yellow color] with some batch of NaI. It did not affect the
> > > yield of purification, nor the clonabiliy of the purified fragment.
> > > interestingly, when I mixed the last few ml of the yellow NaI with a new
> > > batch, the color disappeared.

> On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Susan Jane Hogarth wrote:
> > Why the heck would you mix an old batch in with a new one? Particuarly as the
> > old batch was looking cruddy?? Just curious...
> > Susan Jane Hogarth

Francois Coulier wrote:
> What do you do when you need 10ml or so of a solution, and there is only
> about 8 in the old bottle? Beside, althought the old batch was looking
> **yellow**, not cruddy, I knew the color had no effect whatsoever on the
> yield. May I suggest you read with a little more attention the messages,
> before replying to them?
> Francois Coulier

OK, I don't want to start a "flame-war" on sedate .meth-reagents, but I want to clear this up.
I think there must be a language problem. Perhaps "cruddy" wasn't the best term, but to me
anything which _was_ clear, then turns yellow, has changed, even if it's still useable.

Also (and this is why I reply by posting instead of email), I was always taught _never_ to mix
an old and a new batch of solutions. If I need 10 mls, and only had 8 in the old batch, I'd pour
what was left of the old stuff in a grad.cylinder, and top it off with as much of the new
batch as I needed. Of course, I'm not such a strict purist in reality, but I think I would
be with something that had visibly changed over time.

The result (sol'n changed back to clear) was very interesting, so I'm glad you shared it.
Please forgive me if the tone of my question seemed rude to you (it was, and I apologise).
I _did_, however, read your post carefully, and am still curious if it's a general
practice in France to mix old and new batches of solutions.

Susan Jane Hogarth

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