Cheap wheat germ lysate?

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Fri Jun 21 23:39:36 EST 1996

In <4q5759$jtb at>, Amie Franklin <amief> writes:
>You can make your own wheat germ extract following the Blobel protocol from vol
>96 Methods of Enzymology (I think or refs therein). Essentially, after the
> ... (deleted)  
>the quality. However, what may be difficult is finding a good source of fresh
>wheat germ. If you call the flour mills you might be able to have them save you

We used to buy wheat germ from Sigma; it was a good source for the enzyme we wanted to purifiy, but not necessary for IVT. 
Yes, the mills often supply wheat germ free, but you have to find the right mill! Another approach is to make your own wheat embryo. I have not done this but I knew someone who did: he bought wheat berries at a grain supply store, cracked them, sieved the material, and (I think) finally isolated the germ by organic flotation (which you would do anyway with commercial germ). Unfortunately, I have no reference for the method.

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