How do I label my PCR probe?

martin LEACH leach at
Fri Jun 21 12:50:43 EST 1996

try labelling one of your pcr primers with gamma-32p-atp

use polynucleotide kinase to end label the oligo...

i prefer this method since it is less messy than using 32p-ctp - since this
will also label non-specific products (of all sizes.....creating a background



Jackie Song (songj at wrote:
: Hi!  I am trying to incorporate 32P-CTP into my PCR probe with no luck.  
: I have been using my regular PCR protocol except with hot CTP and when I 
: probe my Northern I get no results.  Does anyone have a proven method for 
: this?  How hot should be probe be?  Is there any easy way for me to 
: ensure the hot CTP is being incorporated into my product?	
: Thanks.
: Jackie

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