Differential Display

Grete Froerup froerup at login.dknet.dk
Fri Jun 21 15:49:33 EST 1996

We have being running differential display for about
four months now, it function beautifully.
In the beginning we were concerned about all the false 
positive that had been reported in the literature.
To overcome this problem we spend a lot of time finding the
best system on the market.
We have been using a kit from a company in US called Display System 
Biotechnology (Web site : displaysystems.com; e-mail dissyst at primenet.com).
The people behind this company is pioneers in the DDRP-PCR technique,
the manual following the kit is very detailed, just what we (new-beginners)
needed. They also have a DDRT e-mail hotline.
After running the first three downstream primers we have identify 20 cDNA
fragments regulated by our treatment.
We have just completed RPA and Northern following the manual, 13 of the 20 
fragments was confirm to be regulated. We have now stopped running the
DDRT and are starting to hunt for full length cDNA.
Has anyone good protocols for screening a cDNA library? 

Yours sincerely

Grete Froerup, Phd
University of Copenhagen.

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