Replication Origins and Two D gels

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Sat Jun 22 03:36:46 EST 1996

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> I am thinking of looking at the replication status of a sequence near an 
> integrated vector in mouse cells.  I want to know if compared to another 
> locus if the region is firing (replicating) at the same time or 
> differently (later or earlier... banding is not out but the two 
> sequences are perhaps in the same R band).
> Can you look at origins in mammals by 2 D analysis? or do you need 
> something that fires many times in a cell cycle like polyoma...etc to be 
> able to see it on a 2-D gel?

Hi Graham,

Though it is difficult to do 2D gel replicon analysis on unique sequence 
of mammals,
you can see the paper on such analysis reported by Dijkwel and Hamlin (sorry, 
I cannot specify the right reference here).

Tomoyuki Shinomiya
tomo at

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