x-gal plates for yeast

Riekeltje Koedood rkoedood at bio.bu.edu
Mon Jun 24 12:51:05 EST 1996

We do an agarose overlay with Phospahte buffer and X-Gal. Very easy, works
very well, and the yeast get to grow on whatever media they like best.

Just ask if you want more detail

Boston University

Przemko (przemko at sgi.celgen.kuleuven.ac.be) wrote:
: Hi!
: Some years ago I remember I was growing yeast with LacZ constructs on 
: plates and was looking for blue colonies. I remember it was an easy and 
: quick way to identify various mutants that we were working on.
: Now, I have to do something similar, but my yeast do not turn blue.

: Does anyone have a working protocl for the x-gal in the plates? is there 
: something fancy about the protocol? I have lost my old method folder and 
: my memory is evidently failing me.

: ThankX

: Przemko

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