Isolation of "hot" oligos

martin LEACH leach at
Mon Jun 24 12:19:25 EST 1996

are you sure your kinase reaction is working well....

the G50 columns and etoh pptmethods work well for low as 16mer
one tip...I elute with 550ul from the nick columns

what do you mean by not very well???



Joachim Kremerskothen (kremers at wrote:
: Hi netters,

: we have a problem with the isolation of radioactive-labeled oligos
: (20mers) after T4 kinase phosphorylation. Ethanol precipitation and gel
: filtration with Pharmacia`s G50 columns didn´t work very well (maybe
: because of the lenght of the oligos?). Are there other and better methods
: for the isolation?

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