quick ligation?

jstrassw at opal.tufts.edu jstrassw at opal.tufts.edu
Tue Jun 25 10:16:36 EST 1996

There is no trick to quick ligation.  Lust do your ligation as always (with T4
DNA ligase, I assume) and leave it bench-top for 20 minutes or however long
you have.  This is sufficient for all sticky ligations and sometimes works for
blunts as well.  By the way, buy one of the thermolabile Alk-Phosphatases (USB
has one) and dephosphorylate quickly to remove background.

Good luck!

In article <hair-2106961612320001 at mechali1.ijm.jussieu.fr>, hair at moka.ccr.jussieu.fr (Alan Hair) writes:
> I have noticed various kits offering very fast ligation times. What is the
> magic ingredient and is it any good for ligation of double stranded
> linkers to DNA?
> Cheers
> Alan

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