Critical decision!!!

Jurgen Vanhauwe jvanhauw at
Tue Jun 25 01:57:35 EST 1996

As I want to study the interaction of two proteins in E. coli, I'm 
looking for some advice. I already expressed one protein in E. coli and 
now I'm up to the second protein. 

My question is: Wchich is the most feasible method to make this proteins 
interact in E. coli inner membranes? Is this coexpression by means of 
compatible plasmids or polycistronic plasmids or even genomic integration 
of one of the proteins, or might it be more intruiging to try to 
reconstitute that interaction by fusion of phospholipid vesicles 
(containing the purified second protein from a mammalian source) and E. 
coli membranes (or even lysozyme treated bacteria). In the last case I 
have the advantage that the second protein is posttranslational modified, 
but it hasn't really been shown that this modification is necessary for 
both proteins to interact.

Since this is a very critical decision to make, I'd really appreciate any 
comment or suggestions.

Jurgen Vanhauwe, Ph. D. student

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