BRL Random Priming

George Rutherford gruther at
Tue Jun 25 10:54:19 EST 1996

Hi y'all-

I have recently had a problem with random-primed DNA labeling that seems
traceable to a new labeling kit from BRL. Previously, using a Boehringer
kit, I was routinely getting specific activities on the order of 109th dpm
and an incorporation of >60%, in the worst case. The BRL kit is giving me
sa's like 108th or less and incorporations in the area of 10 to 20%.
Called BRL just to see if there was a recall or anything else about this
kit and the tech-rep tells me that their kit only works well with probe
fragments of less than 1Kb, that is to say, it is "optimized" for such
fragments and that for larger fragments I should use their
nick-translation kit. Ho-ho-ho. At this point, I politely hung up as this
is clearly a total crock. (In passing, I was labeling 3 different frags of
2.5, 3.5 and 4Kb. I've also done this sort of reaction for >8 years and
literally hundreds of times). It seemed clear to me that the rep was
either totally unaware of how the reaction actually works or was being
actively deceitful. I've always had good experiences with BRL in the past
and wondered if anyone else had had recent strange experiences with them,
esp their tech-reps. Thanks


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