Problems with Hybaid Omnigene Thermal Cyclers

Jill Maddox jillm at
Tue Jun 25 04:10:25 EST 1996

We purchased a new Hybaid Omnigene thermal cycler with a double satellite
unit to augment our old Hybaid ensemble (3 years old) which had started to 
suffer from wells failing to amplify products during PCR.  From the start the 
new machine performed poorly with variations between the blocks and across the 
blocks.  This was demonstrated by making an enormous cocktail containing all 
reagents which was dispensed into every well of three 96-well plates, so that 
all wells contained identical samples.  The variations we found included 
wells failing to amplify any product, wells amplifying poorly and variations
in the stutter pattern of the microsatellite being tested.  The three blocks
were replaced but we are still having problems with uneveness across the 
blocks and differences between the blocks.  The new machine does not perform
as well as the wells that still work on the old machine.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems with a new Hybaid Omnigene?

Is the new Hybaid Omnigene capable of performing as well as the older model?
We have been told that the specifications for the new machine are better 
than those for the old machine but our experiences make us doubt this.

Have other people experienced well failure, or failure or regions of the
block to amplify and how long has it taken before this happens?

Please reply to me by e-mail.

Thank you

Jill Maddox
Centre for Animal Biotechnology
University of Melbourne

jillm at

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